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Borderlands gambling chances

10.07.2015 1 Comments

Borderlands gambling chances veritas casino solutions

Ryjil View Profile View Posts. I've played BL2 more than 20 times, spending a lot of time on slots in each playthrough, and have never won a legendary weapon.

Contents [ show ]. For example, I played slots while at level 23 but still hadn't done a level 18 gamblinf. Tennmuerti Follow Forum Posts: Speaking of which, what's the cap on this game this time around? You will still be finding lots of eridium in the ordinary course of playing the game and that can be used to upgrade things even further.

The slots award eridium at a much higher rate and overall, with a lot less The more side missions and challenges you play, the more loot chances you will. Borderlands 2 How To Cheat At Slot Machines! . that in mind so I probably get the best o- WHAT IS THE. Before gambling tip Moxxi some money and your odds improve. I never really saw anything worth buying in the first Borderlands and I still.


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